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"We treat ourselves as if we were dogs that need to be challenged by sausages just out of reach, or rats that are set to run on a treadmill. Extrinsic motivation is always worse than intrinsic motivation."
(Westera: Serious Games Society, 10 Jan. 2012)

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7 January, 2015

Westera, W. (2015, 7 January). Vernietigen de nerds ons onderwijs? Online article at Edukator.
OnderwijsInnovatie & ICT,

20 August 2014

Westera, W. (2014,  August 20). The Playground Game: Never believe what they are saying…. Blog posted at the Serious Games Society website: http://seriousgamessociety.org/index.php/2014-07-11-14-15-51/explore/134-media/793-the-playground-game-never-believe-what-they-are-saying

10 May 2014 Westera, W. (2014, May 19). What Google could do against the European Court’s  blunder. Blog  post at http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/what-google-could-do-against-the-european-courts-blunder/
17 Februari 2014 Westera, W. (2014,  Februari 17). The flaws of stealth assessment. Blog posted at the website of the Serious Games Society  http://seriousgamessociety.org/index.php/2014-07-11-14-15-51/explore/134-media/717-the-flaws-of-stealth-assessment
5 Februari 2014

Westera, W. (2014, Februari 5). Where to get EU-funding for your serious games research? Blog posted at the website of the Serious Games Society

22 January 2014

Westera, W. (2014, Januari 22). What if Google started sending bills? Blog posted  at the Digital Turn website http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/what-if-google-started-sending-us-bills/

16 December 2013 Westera, W. (2013, December 16). Why banks should fear for the Bitcoin. Blog at the Digital Turn website http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/why-banks-should-fear-for-the-bitcoin/
12 December 2013

Westera, W. (2013, December 12). Beste tablet-pioniers. Didactief-online.  http://www.didactiefonline.nl/component/content/article?id=11747

14 October 2013 Westera, W. (2013, October 14). Social Media and Big Data – Cracks in the Crystal Ball? Guest article on Esomar RW-Connect. London: Esomar. Available at http://rwconnect.esomar.org/using-social-media-for-market-analysis-cracks-in-the-alleged-crystal-ball/
2 June 2013 Westera, W. (2013, June 2). Don´t you touch that button! A new stage of media literacy. Blog at the Digital Turn website http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/dont-you-touch-that-button-a-new-stage-of-media-literacy/
24 May 2013 Westera, W. (2013, May 24). The Digital Turn, How the Internet Transforms Our Existence. Online guest article to ComputorEdge Online Magazine. Available online at http://webserver.computoredge.com/online.mvc?zone=SD&article=world&issue=3121
23 May 2013 Westera, W. (2013, May 23). Brain-computer interfaces: the implications of accessing human thought. Blog at the Digital Turn website http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/brain-computer-interfaces-the-implications-of-accessing-human-thought/
20 May 2013 Westera, W. (2013, May 20). Some insight on The Digital Turn. Blog at the Digital Turn website http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/some-insight-on-the-digital-turn/
14 May 2013 Westera, W. (2013, May 14). The Internet as a Cognition Amplifier. Invited blog at Wired’s Innovation Insight. Available online at http://insights.wired.com/profiles/blogs/the-internet-as-a-cognition-amplifier#axzz2d9YOQhTv
12 May 2013 Westera, W. (2013, May 12). Will Google Glass lead to more road casualties? Blog at the Digital Turn website http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/will-google-glass-lead-to-more-road-casualties/
24 April 2013 Westera, W. (2013, April 24). Social media spoils the celebrations of the new king. Blog at the Digital Turn website http://wimwestera.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/social-media-spoils-the-celebrations-of-the-new-king/
6 March 2013 Westera, W. (2013, March 6). The Digital Turn. Blog on Surfspace webite https://www.surfspace.nl/artikel/1075-the-digital-turn/?allowallcookies=1
14 April 2012 Streaming video is challenging the game consoles Blog at the Serious Games Society website
10 January 2012 Gamification: the next big thing? Blog at the Serious Games Society website
25 November 2011 When should we use serious games? Blog at the Serious Games Society website
08 June 2011 The Power of Research – A realistic serious game on doing research Blog at the Serious Games Society website


Also, check out my Dutch blogs at the OpenU portal of the Open University of the Netherlands.


Edusite, Livre, SURFspace (in Dutch)

Site Title/Titel
August,2010 SURFspace De Apple Familie
March, 2010 SURFspace Toga
Januari, 2010 SURFspace Lieve vrienden
August, 2009 SURFspace False positive, false negative
May, 2009 SURFspace Downgrading
Februari, 2009 SURFspace Serious game over?
October, 2008 SURFspace Crisis
August, 2008 SURFspace Het scorend vermogen van de nieuwe elite
May, 2008 SURFspace Mijn film, the movie
April, 2008 SURFspace Web-2.0 en de nieuwe cultuur
March, 2008 SURFspace Bad practices: e-learning allianties ontleed
December 18,2 007 Livre Het tanende gezag van Stichting Holland Open
August 31,  2007 Livre Het hoger onderwijs en de weelde van 24 miljoen euro
June 15, 2007 Edusite We zijn er nog niet; over het einde van de Edusite
May 16, 2007 Edusite Gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen in de onderwijspraktijk
April 25, 2007 Edusite Second Life - de ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan
April 18, 2007 Edusite Probleemgestuurd onderwijs
Februari 14, 2007 Edusite Nieuwer leren!
Januari 10, 2007 Edusite Webcolleges - de docent als veejay
November 6, 2006 Edusite & Livre Nationaal Actieplan e-Learning: einde van innovatie?



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