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The Digital Turn

The Digital Turn is an indispensable aid for every twenty-first century citizen. It provides a helicopter view of digital media and their impact on our lives. It explains how the ever-growing flood of digital media affects our understanding of the world. The book analyses the world of Twitter, Apple, Facebook and Google and describes how our digitally-enhanced biotope alters our behaviours, social interactions, the economy, and culture as a whole. It explains the mechanisms and consequences of engaging in online spaces and investigates how we can avoid losing grip of our identity, friendship, social engagement, and eventually life at large. The book offers an accessible means for attaining a better understanding of the ways digital media influence our existence. It is a compact guide to becoming media literate and to preparing us for the advanced digital services that are yet to come. 

The Digital Turn. How the Internet Transforms Our Existence
Wim Westera
310 pages
Authorhouse, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4772-5032-7 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4772-5033-4 (e)

Hardcopies and e-books are available on multiple online booksellers, e.g. at Authorhouse UK Online Book Shop, £12.95 ($19.76); E-book version: $3.99 for Kindle, NOOK, iPhone, iPad, Ipod, KOBO eReader, Bluefire, Stanza, Sony eReader, and PDF.

Table of contents

The Digital Turn
Chapter 1 The Unique Collection of Cells We Are
       How long it took
       How we made it
       What is supposed to make us different
Chapter 2 How Far We Got
       The birth of writing
       Spreading the words
       Speeding up communication
       Mediated mind
Chapter 3 Our Precious Mind
       Mind versus body
       Enhancing our performance
       The advent of the computer
       Getting a hold on human cognition
       The brain as a supercomputer
       Towards superhuman intelligence
Chapter 4 Living with Technologies
       Our innovation bent
       Unlocking the world
       Lost in apathy
       Us and our devices
Chapter 5 Conveying Meaning
       Different roles of media
       Our unrivalled expressive power
       The incompatibility of channels
       Media as self-establishing means of expression
       The encoding challenge
       Message distortion
       Our truncated perception
       Failing communication
Chapter 6 The Mystery of True Knowledge
       The power of knowledge
       The nature of knowledge
       The hidden treasure
       Limits to truth
       Media and truth
Chapter 7 Getting Wiser Every Minute
       Our precious memory
       The mystery of brain functioning
       Getting it all into our heads
       The mind as an association machine
       The mind as an information processor
       The mind as a subjective truth producer
Chapter 8 Media as Cognitive Prostheses
       Exploiting our environment
       The boundaries of mind
       Our cognitive capacity
       Connecting computers to our nervous system
       The location of self
Chapter 9 The Educational Battlefield
       The loss of our inquisitive mind
       The school film fiasco
       School’s tyranny
       Conservatism explained
       The need for reform
Chapter 10 The Stories of Media
       Being fooled by commercials
       Touched by the screen
       Modern myths
       The illusion of reality
Chapter 11 The Gossip Revolution
       The network concept
       The shared pattern of sharin
       Exploiting the crowds’ wisdom
       Who are we?
       The flawed promise
Chapter 12 The Worldwide Online Game
       What’s in a game?
       Why we play at all
       The immersive nature of games
       The gamification of life
       The pitfall of realism
Chapter 13 The Struggle of Media Research
       The case of media violence
       Controlling the uncontrollable
       Comparing the incomparable
Chapter 14 Free Copy Economics
       The costs of replication
       The rationale of free online services
       Digitising business
       A matter of scale
       The open everything philosophy
       Ideals under attack
Chapter 15 The Game of Technology
       Meeting the Internet’s growth
       Welshing on the rules
       Securing the Internet’s openness
       The limits to growth
Chapter 16 The Mental Delusions of Media
       Within or beyond our control
       Fooled by our brain
       Fooled by media
       Fooled by the artificial
Chapter 17 Coping with New Realities
       Drowning in information
       Recording life
       Our unconditional friends
       Imbued with guile
       Thoughtful but fake conversations
       Boosting our cognition
       Preserving our understanding of the world
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